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Westfield Helensvale playground holds the unofficial award for what is probably the best shopping centre playground on the Gold Coast.

Set outside, close to toilets and the food court, the playground is perfect for a play during a shopping trip, after a bite to eat for lunch, or as we chose to do – just a quick coffee and play session!

The playground also caters to children from toddlers to 12+, with fun interactive low to the ground equipement suitable for 1-5 year olds, and a huge tree house and rope canopy combination that leads to a huge spiral slide for kids aged 6+.

Signs around the playground make recommendations about age suitability, but the tree-house with its rope climb is definitely for older,  confident children (trust me, a rescue mission on this one looks tricky!). Older kids also have a cool rope log swing to try out.

The playground for younger kids has a mini tree-house with climbing walls and slides. There are also balance beams, a multispinner, see-saw and steps for them to balance on. There is also a huge ladybird rope web animal, that our little guy hung on for a good part of our visit.

The playground is fresh and has a lovely mural theme that makes kids feel right at home. It is outdoors and partly covered by shade cloths. There is plenty of undercover seating for parents, a big lawn area for kids to run around and baby change facilities are just inside the shopping centre.

Westfield Helensvale Playground

LOCATION Westfield Helensvale, 1 – 29 Millaroo Drive, Helensvale

AGES 1- 12+

ENCLOSED: partially




TIMES  7 days – shopping centre hours

AMENITIES toilets, baby change, shopping centre, food court, coffee close by.

HIGHLIGHTS Varied play equipment, lots to explore, younger tots catered to, food and coffee convenient.