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The Faerie Park in Merrimac is a gorgeous imaginative and natural play area for children, perfect for a picnic or sunny morning play.

After seeing underwhelming images of the park online, I must admit that I didn’t expect much from the Faerie Park, but as soon as we parked the car I fell in love.

From the welcoming sign, the pretty pictures on the pathways around the park, to the large trees and grassed areas… is that magic in the air?

There’s lots here to excite the little ones.

There’s the Goblin Cave – a long tunnel with two entries – it’s a little dark, but my 2.5 year old didn’t hesitate to run in and test out the echo.

The Troll Bridge was a hit – bring a scooter to make the most of the slopes and pathways. The frogs in the ‘pond’ have seen better days, but generally the features of the park are well maintained (although the toadstools have been over-zealously mulched).

The wishing well is shallow (for safety reasons), and even a bit high for little ones to enjoy, but goes perfectly with the theme of the park.

The two fairy rings of toadstools are brightly coloured and make perfect seats for little bottoms to enjoy a mid-play snack. It’s a shame the mulch is so high, as the little doors and windows on the toadstools have been covered up.

If the beautifully themed features of the park aren’t enough, the playground is quite a good one.

It’s in two sections – one with swings and a climbing web, and the other with slide, firemans pole, lookout and rocker. It is also covered by a lovely shade sail.

In addition to the man-made features, there are a few big and old trees that are waiting to be explored.

The Faerie Park in Merrimac is a unique play area, worth a trip in the car. Pack a picnic (there’s no BBQs) or grab a drive through coffee from McDonalds on Gooding Drive on your way there.

The Faerie Park Merrimac

LOCATION Inwood Circuit, Merrimac

AGES 2-12

AMENITIES park benches, shade sails, water fountain, roadside parking, pathway

HIGHLIGHTS fairy theme, beautiful setting, big open space with mountain views