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Parklake Park is an exciting playground on the northern Gold Coast, nestled in a tree-lined gully.

It’s an imaginative play area, including one of the largest playground slides we have ever seen and lots of different play areas.

There are a few features that make this playground special. The shade from the trees and shade cloth over the younger play area makes this one great for sun – conscious families. It would also be nice and cool in summer. There were a few mozzies and midges about, so if you are susceptible to being nibbled on, take an insect repellant. We weren’t bitten but people around us were.

The landscaping of this park is such that while it’s not fully – fenced, you can see all openings from most positions in the park and the water is fenced off from the playground. There is also parking near the swim school, and even closer if you park on the road and walk down into the playground. A public toilet block is also super handy, but is set away from the equipment and doesn’t intrude on the park.

The best thing about the park? The range of ages covered here. From the little ones playing in and around the smaller equipment and around the giant turtle, igloo house and racing car, to the flying fox and scarily high slide for the older kids. There is also plenty of swings so no one needs to wait long for a turn.

Toddler area
There is a fun adventure playground for little ones with two slides, climbing wall, fireman’s pole turning games and various steps on different levels. This area is complemented with a rope bridge, four-person seesaw and a mini seesaw

Sand pit
This area next to the toddler area is surrounded by paths and rocks making a defined area for sand play with a fun spinning disk, igloo house, giant turtle, fabulous race car, talking pipes and a little shop front. There were plenty of sand pies served up during our visit!

Main Play Area

Walking into this park of the park is awe-inspiring on your first visit. The giant slide is a sight to see, as are the faces of the kidlets flying out the other end! We made our way up the path and stairs to climb up the platform and anticipated that our 2yo would choose the smaller slide. We watched in shock as he approached the giant blue slide and promptly backed himself into it. Running back down the path expecting to see our little guy in tears, we found him clapping in joy. He may have been in shock though, as he only went down once more before he settle on some less exciting play (thank goodness – we couldn’t handle the excitement).

In this area there is also a swift flying fox,balancing/climbing net, a ring of swings plus two more swings (in total there are two toddler swings). This is all nestled under a beautiful canopy of trees,making for some fun imaginative play (Lord of the Flies?!).

There is also a big playing field for older kids or family games, and an additional climbing wall (next to swim school).

It is a brilliant park for a morning out, a family picnic or BBQ, or playdate. Pack a blanket and some insect repellant and expect to be there for a few hours.

Gold Coast Playgrounds and Parks – Parklake

LOCATION  Greenway Blvd, Maudsland

AGES Toddlers to teens

AMENITIES BBQs (v/small ones), rotunda, covered picnic benches, benches around the playground, public toilet block, on and off-street parking

HIGHLIGHTS Giant slide, beautiful setting.