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Central Park Pacific Pines is a wonderful facility for Gold Coast kids and families.

It has a range of different play areas, including an enclosed area for toddlers and a giant flying fox for older children. It is a great location for a children’s birthday party with plentyof shade,picnic areas and BBQs.

It had been a while since we last visited the park – we held our daughter’s 5th birthday there, and she is now 13, so a visit to refamiliarise ourselves was in order! The park itself hasn’t been updated significantly since it was first built, and some equipment is looking a little tired. Some equipment has also been permanently removed. There was graffiti on equipment, a hole burned in one of the slides and rubbish from local teens littering the park, but despite spending a little extra time making sure everything was safe, we still had a great time exploring all of the fun equipment and surrounds.

If you ever find our parks damaged or in need of cleaning, you can let the Gold Coast City Council know here.

We started off in the toddler play area, which was a hit for our little one. Pushing the pram through the gate was a little awkies, so we parked it outside the gate where it was still easy to access over the fence. Once inside there is a spring ride in the shape of a dinosaur and a very cute swing. The swing is low to the ground, so littlies can sit on it themselves, and the ground is soft-fall rubber, so you don’t need to worry about them hurting themselves. It’s a great swing for building independence, and learning about cause and effect – the swing movement causes giant flowers at the top of the swing chains to twirl around, which is super exciting when you are two years old!

There is also a mini-slide accessible by stairs, which has a mini imaginary play area attached to it. It’s not clear what is is exactly (a measuring station?) but our little guy still had a play.

The toddler area is protected by a lovely big tree in the middle. The tree was full of cockatoos when we visited, so the area was quite noisy. We found a quiet spot sitting at the end of the gated area, perfect for resting the pram and watching the kids play. If the area seems a bit sparse, it is! There is a couple of pieces of equipment missing, no doubt damaged at some point over the years.

The flying fox for older kids  is one of the best on the Gold Coast (you will also find flying foxes at Parklake Park and All Abilities Park Broadbeach). A refreshed chain bridge that is fun for climbing sits behind the flying fox. There is also a spiral platform, spinning disk to balance on, a standard swing set, bikes on springs and a slide set.

A highlight for younger kids is the train, which has a few carriages to sit in. Our toddler called out the obligatory “All aboard” and climbed on for a play. The boat was also great for our toddler, as was the sand under the giant climbing web – just a couple more years and I’m sure he’ll be climbing to the top as our daughter used to.

Overall Central Park Pacific Pines is a lovely place for kids and families. Closer to the lake there is outdoor workout equipment and another set of play equipment. The field is great for a game of footy or soccer and children will also enjoy riding their scooters and feeding the ducks, swans and eels!

Gold Coast Playgrounds and Parks – Central Park Pacific Pines

LOCATION 149 Pacific Pines Blvd, Pacific Pines

AGES 0-12

AMENITIES Car parking, shady playground, water bubbler, public toilets, picnic tables, BBQs, walking pathways, fenced toddler playground

HIGHLIGHTS  Flying fox, flower swing, train, ducks and swans