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14a Peach Drive, Robina

Robina Lions Club Park is a small local park that sits on the bank of Mudgeeraba Creek. As well as a playground, there are other areas to explore, including the creek bank and clusters of trees.

There is lots of birdlife and nature play opportunities. The trees drop all sorts of gumnuts and different shaped leaves, perfect for creating collages or sensory tables. We took a plastic shopping bag to collect some leaf litter and bits and pieces to take home and soon found we were surrounded by hungry ducks! There are signs in Robina asking locals not to feed the ducks, as not only are the ducks at risk of eating something that is bad for them, but foodscraps contribute to the algae bloom in Lake Lido and surrounding waterways. There are often people fishing in the water – I’m not sure about fish but I have seem plenty of turtles and eels!

The playground is fully-fenced, which is a must for any sleep- deprived/busy/lazy mum, and it has a soft wood-chip ground cover (which is this mum’s favourite).

The swings are great – there is a standard set and a cobweb swing (for mums to lie in while their kids play LOL).

There is also a spinning cup for the kids to sit in, and a spring ride.

The main play equipment has stairs and a climbing wall that can be used to reach the platforms. A bridge is in between the platforms and little ones have a lot of fun running from one end to the other. We have found the bridge quite slippery with the wrong shoes on little feet, so be careful. There are some drop-offs for younger kids to avoid.

In addition to the bridge, there are wheels to turn, a fireman’s pole and a slide. There is a bench in the shade outside of the fenced area, and an undercover picnic table

Overall Robina Lions Park playground is a great little facility for locals.