Bike and Scooter Tracks for Gold Coast Kids

Bike and Scooter Tracks for Gold Coast Kids

Finding safe bike and scooter tracks for kids can be challenging!


We’ve put together a list of parks and attractions where kids can feel the wind in their hair (under their helmets!) and pedal to their heart’s content.

Places Suitable for Toddlers on Scooters and Kids Who Are Learning to Ride


bike tracks gold coast kids

Kids on the Gold Coast have some amazing bike education tracks available to practise navigating a pathway while being aware of safety. On the tracks kids will encounter traffic signs, crossings and traffic lights, all in a safe area away from real roads and traffic. They are suitable for small bikes and scooters, and as well as helping kids learn some road sense, they are also lots of fun!

Broadwater Parklands, Marine Pde Southport

This is not a fenced area, and only a few metres from the road, so supervision is a must! It is, however, a bundle of fun and young kids will love negotiating the course. Sadly, we forgot our scooter on the day of our visit, yet our two year-old STILL made two or three laps on foot! We had to giggle – the track was just irresistible!

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You can also find bike education tracks at these parks:

North Shore Park, North Shore Ave Varsity Lakes

Galleon Way Park, Galleon Way Currumbin Waters

Coronet Park, Coronet Crescent Burleigh Waters

The Ashmore Bicycle Safety Centre has its ow

n track for educating school students, and it is available for birthday parties on Saturdays (term-time) for kids aged 7+. Bookings: 07 5539 5774

Parks that are also great for smaller kids on bikes and scooters, and are fully fenced include:

All Abilities Playground/Pratten Park, Broadbeach

Laguna Park, Palm Beach

These parks have small pathways suitable for little ones to practise their skills in a safe environment.

laguna park


Places For Older Kids On Bikes and Scooters


Our favourite places for family bike rides…

bike riding gold coast



Broadwater Parklands


The Broadwater Parklands is a great spot for kids of all ages who want to ride, scoot, skate or run. There are pathways all over this 3km stretch, punctuated by playgrounds, water parks, grassed areas and eateries. We love the Parklands and think it’s one of the Gold Coast’s best free family days out!


Hinze Dam

Upper Gilston Rd, Advancetown, QLD 4211

Hinze Dam is a brilliant space for kids that just want to ride and ride and ride! You can actually cycle and walk along the wall – all 1.9km of it (3.8km loop). It is flat and has two lanes, just like a mini road.  It’s not quite sealed and can be a bit rough, so bikes are best (scooters will love the other paths around the dam facilities). A peaceful place, with lot of fresh air and open space to take in, the dam is a lovely way to spend an hour or two, finishing with a picnic before heading home.

Located approx 30mins from the beach, it’s easy to find Hinze Dam by following signage from Nerang. The cafe has fantastic food, there are lots of photo opportunities and an information centre with videos to watch for history buffs. Kids may be amazed to learn this is where the water in our taps comes from!

This park is also suitable for prams. Gold Coast locals will miss the old grassy playground and BBQ area which overlooked the dam, but the raising of the wall in recent years caused some ‘remodelling’ and they are now replaced by the new cafe and other amenities. Dogs are not allowed (even on a leash).

For more adventurous families, the Gold Coast Mountain Bike Club have trails that are free for the public to use and are accessed behind the Information Centre and a short ride along the wall. There is an easy ‘Family Loop and you can see a map of all trails here.

bike tracks gold coast kids


Coombabah Wetlands Reserve


This is a gravel track, so suitable for older kids on bikes only. The gate closes at 5pm, so time your ride to exit before the. There are plenty of kangaroos ans koalas to find, so expect to stop and look. Stay on the path to avoid wildlife encounters! Find a map here.


Surfers to Main Beach


A great beach-side ride for older riders (or patient parents). The ride covers approximately 5km of uninterrupted pathways on fairly flat terrain, so not a lot of pedal power required.


North Burleigh to Burleigh Headland


A fun pathway for the whole family punctuated with kiosks and playgrounds. Enjoy a cool drink on the headland and see/celebrate how far you can come. The path is a bit pebbly, so can cause uncomfortable vibrations on scooters.

Where are your favourite places to take the kids for a ride or scooter? Please let us know!


Postnatal Exercise: Is it safe to exercise after having a baby?

Postnatal Exercise: Is it safe to exercise after having a baby?

We are bombarded with so much information during our pregnancy about what to eat, what not to eat, how to give birth, how to breastfeed, how to wrap your baby… but what about the importance of safe and effective recovery postpartum?

Growing a tiny human inside our bodies is truly incredible and amazing. To think of what the human body can do blows my mind. With this all said and done, the moment we deliver our baby we are pretty much left on our own to recover from 9 months of dramatic changes and child birth.

After the birth of my first baby, all that I knew was that I had to wait until my 6 week check up and I was good to go. The guidelines are there but they are very broad and you will only find these if you really search for them.

I waited until I was 12 weeks postpartum to go for a slow jog. I ended up injuring my hip which required months of physiotherapy and rest (not ideal with a newborn!) just to walk without being in pain.

I was determined to make sure that this wouldn’t happen again with my second baby.

From day one postpartum, I started slowly with pelvic floor and deep core abdominal bracing exercises. I progressed slowly with short walks, core stabilisation, low impact cardio, light weights and then finally to running. I am stronger and fitter than I have ever felt, even before having kids, and best of all no injuries!

So the answer to my question, “Is it safe to exercise after having a baby?” is yes! As long as it is the right type of exercise and that your pelvic floor and core have been assessed to check for signs of prolapse and abdominal separation. Also keep in mind that the hormone responsible for loosening the ligaments in your pelvis to prepare for child birth (Relaxin) can still be present 3-4 months after birth.

My biggest piece of advice is to progress slowly, see a Women’s Health Physiotherapist and find yourself a Postnatal Personal Trainer who can guide you through the correct exercises that are safe to commence for your individual circumstances.

About the WriterThe Mummy Trainer -Head Shot

Sarah Male, from Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast is mummy to Jordy 3 and Ella 7 months. A Personal Trainer certified inEarly and Advanced Postnatal Programming, Sarah is passionate about helping mums return to exercise with safe and effective training.

You can also find The Mummy Trainer in the Gold Coast Mums Directory