Five Footprint Father’s Day Crafts

Five Footprint Father’s Day Crafts

Footprints turn a simple craft into a sentimental favourite for dads on Father’s Day. We scoured Pinterest and found our favourite five footprint Father’s Day crafts that dads will love!

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1. Footprint Guitar

A no-brainer for dads that love to rock out in their spare time.


2. Walking in my Father’s Shoes

A gorgeous gift for fathers who are their little boy’s heroes.

fathers day footprint craft

3. A Free Poem Printable

A handy free printable, complete with space for tiny feet, makes this an easy gift to make a frame. It’s guaranteed to bring a tear to Daddy’s eye.




4. Footprint Heart

Show dad how much you love him with this cute handmade card.

5. One in a Minion

Some dads love a kids movie just as much as the, well….kids!