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Shopping with kids can be a nightmare, and every parent knows it’s the small things that offer relief.

Bunnings have fun for kids nailed. It all starts with the tiny trolleys that allow your little one to ‘help’ shop, or fly up and down the long aisles, running over the toes of customers making their selections. Tiny flags allow you to see them behind displays and the handle is great to gently guide them to the next aisle.

Kids having a meltdown because its been 30mins since they last ate? Bunnings have on-site cafes where you can refresh the crew if the legendary sausage in bread doesn’t entice you. And they are next to fabulous gated playgrounds where little ones uninterested in hardware can let off some steam. The cafe and playground are also conveniently located next to the outdoor furniture (not sure they planned it that way), so you can sit right out the front of the playground and supervise while sipping your coffee (or have a snooze on a banana lounge).

On top of the kid-friendly facilities, Bunnings also hosts DIY workshops including kids craft every weekend.

Bunnings Craft for kids

I’m not sure of times at every Bunnings (you can check your local store here), but my local (Burleigh Heads) has craft workshops every Saturday and Sunday 10-11am.

My little one was given an apron (thank goodness!) and was set loose with some paint brushes. Of course the first thing he did was paint the tablecloth (no no no no no)! The young lady hosting the workshop saw my face and reassured me that at the end of the hour she was just pulling the tablecloth off and bundling it and everything on top of it into the bin (phew!).