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It’s Children’s Book Week this week and kids all over Australia will be dressing up to celebrate at childcare, kindy and school. Whipping up a costume need not cause huge anxiety with our list of costumes using things you already have at home (really!) and a handy list of websites that have free character mask printables.

Have zero props?

Your child can be Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Use clothes you already have + backpack + this printable from

Diary of a Wimpy Kid usually wears a white t-shirt and black shorts, but in a stretch normal play clothes, the printable and backpack will do.

Have an AFL uniform?

Kids can dress up as Specky Magee. Bonus points if you have a footy too.

Have a netball uniform?

Kids can dress up as their favourite Netball Dreamz character. Again, Bonus points for the ball

Have a construction hat and a tool belt?

The little yellow digger is the book for you. Add overalls and you have Bob the Builder (ok that’s a TV show but you said you were desperate)!

Have a pair of rabbit ears/cat ears?

There are lots of options for you depending on your other props.

Rabbits: Peter Rabbit (+ blue jacket and carrot) , Guess How Much I Love You, Goodnight Moon, Alice in Wonderland (waist coat and clock), Bunny Cakes.

Cats: Slinky Malinky (black clothes + old socks pinned to top for effect), any cat (leopard print clothes).

Left over Halloween costumes?

Witches hat and broom. Black clothes

The Witches, Wizard of Oz (+ green face paint and red shoes) , Harry Potter (+ glasses and scarf) , Room on the Broom, Meg and Mog.

Have a crown or tiara?

The lion, the witch and the wardrobe, the Snow Queen.


Fern from Charlotte’s Web (+ toy pig or spider)

Scarecrow (+ hat and shredded paper hair)

Dance clothes

Angelina Ballerina (+ eye-liner whiskers and ballet shoes).  

None of the above? Print a mask! Animals, robots, dragons, and story characters including the rainbow fish can all be found online. Here are some websites with free printables: