Jack Wilson Reserve

Jack Wilson Reserve

Jack Wilson Reserve in Robina is a pleasant neighbourhood park with a fun train-themed playground, magic fairy ring, offleash dog exercise area and BBQ facilities.

The playground here is quite good for kids 1-3 years old, and older kids up to 10 years old. There are parts of the playground that are close to the ground, incorporate steps and equipment suitable for toddlers.

There is also more challenging equipment for climbers, a standard set of swings and spring rockers.

We love the magic fairy ring, driving the ‘train’ and staying cool in the shade (take insect spray in the afternoon). The bridge over the creek (mostly a dry creek bed to explore) is also fun for short scooter rides.

The playground is on our list of fully-fenced playgrounds.

Jack Wilson Reserve

LOCATION: 108 Cheltenham Drive Robina (parking in Thorngate Drive)

HIGHLIGHTS: Train theme, shady, fenced

AMENITIES: BBQs, picnic benches, water fountain


GROUND COVER: gravel/sand