Golden Four Park

Golden Four Park

This super cute neighbourhood playground is located on the Gold Coast Highway in Tugun

If you’re not a local, it’s a great little playground to help break up a trip to the airport, or further south.

It is close to public toilets (just off the carpark), is fully enclosed, has plenty of shade, and seats to relax.

There is a bright and colourful playground, with a spiral slide, rock-climbing wall, swings and spring rockers.


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Golden Four Park

LOCATION: Gold Coast Highway, Tugun

AGES 2.5 -10

AMENITIES: Toilets, BBQ, bench,

HIGHLIGHTS: cute spiral slide






Doodlebugs Play Centre Review

Doodlebugs Play Centre Review


Doodlebugs is a family owned and operated play centre located in Miami on the Gold Coast. It is one of the largest centres on the Gold Coast with a large cafe area and large play areas for older children. It is fully air-conditioned with complimentary Wi-Fi for your use, making it a great respite spot for working parents that need to get some laptop work done!.


Doodlebugs has a separate toddler area and a dedicated ‘walker’ area for little ones. It includes a slide, trampoline, kitchenette and some blocks to play with. There are no ride-ons.

The larger play area includes three slides, large climbing equipment, ball pit, spinning columns and a Cannonball Battle Zone. Kids can shoot foam balls and deliver them back to the cannons to shoot out again. This is loads of fun but does make the centre very noisy.

There is an indoor train that runs two-hourly at 10am, 12pm and 2pm (except it does not run on Mondays). If there are lots of children, they will do a few trips around so that everyone gets a go. The first ride is free with entry; extra rides are $1. It is definitely a highlight of visiting Doodlebugs!



The cafe is good and has a varied menu (melts, acai bowls, smoothies), although serving times are long and the option to buy smaller serves of ‘red’ food would be a positive. The tables and chairs are a bit close together and make navigating the centre, or finding a spot to put your pram a bit tricky – if possible, grab a ‘picnic’ bench for the kids- there is plenty of room for strollers in this section and you get a great position to supervise your children.

Some prices are a bit expensive ($1 for a Chupa Chup or 5 rice crackers for example) and $7 for a bowl of chips (no smaller option available). However, overall the variety is good, and the convenience of having smaller snack sizes is handy.

There is an outdoor seating area, which is enclosed, however not covered, so is wet when it rains.



The toilets are clean and baby change facilities are provided.

Parking is right out the front of the centre on the road.


  • The train!
  • Airconditioned and free wi-fi
  • One of the largest centres


  • Long waiting times for food and coffee
  • Can be noisy due to the air-compressed cannons



Under 11 months- Free

12 months – 5 years $9.50

6 – 12 years $11.50

Adults free

Ask them about their 10 visit and six month passes – we have a six month pass and it’s great value.


OPENING HOURS 9am – 3pm daily 7 days a week (Saturday 4pm close)

Closed public holidays and Mothers and Fathers Days.


LOCATION: 6/54 Paradise Avenue, Miami

Doodlebugs Miami


Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Musicaly are engaging online spaces, and seen as a part of everyday life for many of us. They are also highly unregulated spaces where children can be exposed to adult content, predators, cyberbullying and unrealistic life expectations.


Many parents allow their children to create Instagram and Facebook accounts for their 13th birthdays, as this is the age when it is considered safe for teens to use these platforms – right?




This is the most common misconception parents have about social media.


The guideline 13+ was created because it complies with US law regarding the collection of children’s information. It’s the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, and it prevents the collection and storage of personal information from a child under 13 years old.


The problem is, while this law sounds important and as though it makes things ‘safe’ for children, it doesn’t. It simply prevents companies from collecting your children’s names, email addresses and locations, probably for the purpose of trying to sell something!




I’ll repeat that if you missed it.


The age limit of 13+ HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR CHILD’S SAFETY while using those platforms.


In fact, for young teens (13-15 years), these platforms can be anything BUT safe.


You see, kids and teens don’t use these platforms the same way that we do. They are more social, more inquisitive, and spend more time online.


For Instance, you probably upload pictures of your breakfast, a family day at the beach, or a fun quote onto your account #mumlife


But did you know that Instagram (one of the world’s largest image search engines) has porn on it? It has porn uploaded to it EVERY SECOND (quick test – search for #sex). You can read some other reasons why Instagram isn’t for young teens here


If there was porn channels on my TV, I would restrict access and monitor my child’s viewing, so why is this possible exposure acceptable online?

Children and young people need the same moral and ethical guidance and clear, appropriate boundaries for online behaviour as they do for offline behaviour (Spears et al., 2008)


I’ve chosen not to allow my daughter to use Instagram, however I know that some parents are happy to allow their child to have the app with regular monitoring of their child’s activity.


The best app I have found to monitor phone use is Smart Lagoon. It monitors social media, messaging app, and internet activity, and a whole lot more. You can read our review here.


The team at Safe Lagoon have given KidSpace Gold Coast families 20% off the app subscription – just enter code KSGC20 at checkout.


If your child has had Instagram for a while, and you’re only just learning that it’s not as innocent as it seems, it’s not too late to delete the app, or install monitoring software on your child’s phone.


Pratten Park Broadbeach

Pratten Park Broadbeach

Pratten Park in Broadbeach is located on Old Burleigh Road at the end of Margaret Avenue.

It’s the older playground out of two on this stretch (the other is the All Abilites Playground, sometimes called Kurruwa Pratten Park), however it still has some play equipment unique to the suburb.

The pedal monorail  is a huge highlight of this park, along with the flying fox and boat. In addition there is a spiral slide, swings, spring rockers, spinning disk and a mountain-themed climbing frame.

Pratten Park Broadbeach

LOCATION Old Burleigh Road, Broadbeach

AMENITIES toilet, beach shower, water fountain, benches, shade sails, BBQ, gym equipment, walking path

AGES 3-12

HIGHLIGHTS gorgeous location, pedal monorail, flying fox


GROUND COVER woodchip and rubber